Strip-n-Stick Silicone Rubber Tape

For extreme temperature applications, Strip-n-Stick silicone rubber tapes out-perform all other elastomers in service life, weatherability, compression set resistance, and electrical resistivity.

These pressure sensitive Strip-n-Stick tapes are available in a variety of widths and thicknesses for use in gasketing, cushioning, thermal insulation, and vibration dampening applications. Other uses include noise reduction, clamping of hot parts, and electrolysis reduction between dissimilar metals.

Strip-n-Stick Silicone Rubber Tape

Strip N Stick is available in standard stock widths or slit to order. This includes:

100S is a silicone sponge with a high temperature silicone adhesive

200A is a silicone sponge with an aggressive acrylic adhesive.

300AR is a reinforced silicone sponge with an aggressive acrylic adhesive. Its unique construction provides the compressibility of sponge and the dimensional stability of fiberglass reinforcement. Stretch is eliminated, which contributes to the consistent size and shape of cut parts and inhibits outward extrusion under high pressure. It further permits close tolerance slitting.

440S combines a 30 durometer solid rubber with a high temperature silicone adhesive.

440A combines a 30 durometer solid rubber with an acrylic adhesive. It provides for high elongation and good conformability, and is an excellent gasketing material.

512AF uses CHR® F12 fire blocking foam along with a film -supported acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive.

Strip-n-Stick Product Chart

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