Solid Silicone Rubber

Series 300-700 general purpose molded solid silicone rubber sheet is available in thicknesses up to 1⁄2″ and it withstands temperatures from –100°F to +500°F.

Series 9030 – 9070  solid silicone rubber is also general-purpose, but is produced in 36″wide continuous lengths for the most efficient utilization of material, minimizing waste. Standard thicknesses are 1⁄32″, 1⁄16″ and 1⁄8″.Withstands temperatures from –100°F to +500°F. Please consult plant for availability of additional thicknesses and colors.

Solid Silicone Rubber - Andrew Roberts

Solid Silicone Rubber

Series 9200 high-performance  solid silicone rubber provides excellent tensile strength and superior tear resistance. It is tougher and more resilient than general purpose silicone. Standard thicknesses are 1⁄32″, 1⁄16″ and 1⁄8″, and it withstands temperatures ranging from –100°F to +400°F. A minimum thickness of .015″ is available on a minimum quantity basis. Red color is standard for general-purpose goods. Black or gray can be provided on a minimum quantity basis. The 9200 series is standard in gray, but clear or red can be supplied on a minimum quantity basis. Contact plant for minimums.

TC100, an unsupported, thermally-conductive  solid silicone rubber is available in several thicknesses, provides thermal and mechanical protection to electronic devices.

TC100U, in the uncured state, is an effective system for bonding printed circuit boards, heat sinks and electronic components to a variety of substrates. Refrigerated storage is required

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