Silicone Coated Fabrics

Silicone coated fabrics  have silicone rubber dispersion coated on both sides of fiberglass. They are thin and tough, dimensionally stable yet flexible. Their many applications include belting, vacuum blankets, thermal shielding and diaphragms. The 1000 series has superior electrical properties and good abrasion resistance, while the 3000 series has a smoother, more compressible coating for gasketing applications.

The fabrics shown here are standard products and reflect only a small portion of the many coated fabrics that SGPPL CHR is capable of manufacturing. By varying the glass style and rubber formulation, SGPPL CHR can provide the user with the coated fabric best suited to the application.

Such special order constructions have included one-side coated, reversion-resistant, flame-retardant coating, and alternative base fabrics. There will be minimum order quantities imposed on non-standard constructions. SGPPL CHR welcomes all inquires.

Silicone Coated Fabric Chart - Andrew Roberts


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