Reinforced Silicone Rubber

Reinforced Silicone Rubber is a dimensionally-stable, durable material for press pads, belting and gasketing. It is available in six constructions. (see below)

Reinforced Silicone Rubber - Andrew Roberts

CF3320 is available in three thicknesses, was developed to meet AMS 3320. Consequently, 3320 has lubricating oil resistance and excellent compression set resistance.

CF4032 and CF4050 reinforced silicone rubbers are thin, flexible and abrasion-resistant for general-purpose use.

CF4420 reinforced silicone rubber is specially formulated for thermal stability and long life under extreme heat and pressure for extended dwell times. It resists reversion (i.e. softening and outgassing) longer than general purpose silicone. Throughout its useful life, 4420 has thermal stability for consistent thermal conductivity.

CF4444 reinforced silicone rubber has a specially formulated rubber compound to give better reversion resistance. The reinforcement is a special flexible, compressible COHRlastic silicone closed cell sponge is designed for high performance gasketing, thermal shielding, vibration mounts and press pads. It is available in six constructions.

CF4451 reinforced silicone rubber is a fiberglass fabric coated with static dissipating silicone rubber having a surface resistivity of 1 x 105 Ohms – cm. Virtually eliminates static electric discharges which cause operator discomfort and can potentially damage electrical laminates.

CF4480 reinforced silicone rubber  utilizes our most reversion resistant silicone rubber compound. The product is designed for use in applications involving the tough combination of prolonged high-pressure confinement at temperatures in the range of 375°F to 650°F.

Reinforced Silicone Rubber - Andrew Roberts

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