PTFE Zone Tape

PTFE Zone Tape is primarily used in applications where it is not desirable for adhesive to come in contact with a heating element or it is necessary to cover an expensive component of a packaging machine such as silicone sponge or foam.




PTFE Zone Tape

Zone tapes should also be considered in applications where PTFE-Glass fabric needs to be mechanically fastened to a surface

Zone tapes are primarily made from fabric thicknesses of .003″, .005″, .006″ & .010″
All zone tapes are custom made to your specifications.
Acrylic and silicone adhesive strips are both available although acrylic is more prevalent.

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    PTFE belts and belting materials are available for applications that require superior release characteristics, and thermal stability


  • PTFE Tape for Packaging Machinery

    PTFE tape for packaging machinery is manufactured by coating fiberglass cloth with PTFE, The material is then etched on one side which allows it to accept an adhesive system.


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