PTFE Roll Coverings

Better than PTFE spray coating. Better than shrink-fit tubing, Non-stick PTFE roll coverings fight residue build-up on flat surface rolls, cylinders, and cans …better, longer lasting, easier and less expensive.

PTFE Roll Coverings - Andrew Roberts

Made from PTFE coated glass fabric, the pressure sensitive covering has all the advantages you expect. It stays in place. It resists most chemicals. And it runs indefinitely at speeds up to 3000 feet per minute and temperatures up to 500°F on rolls from 1 inch to twelve feet or more in diameter.

With PTFE roll coverings, you avoid sending your rolls out to be spray coated. And unlike some other coverings, there’s no need to remove the cylinder or roll when you apply the covering.

You can install roll covers in place, even patch it in place. No disassembly and no special tools are required. And the repair area is just as good as the original surface.

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