PTFE Coated Aluminum Foil

PTFE coated aluminum foil #AR-303 (formerly Tri-Foil) is made from aluminum that has been coated on one side with PTFE. It is available with or without adhesive on the foil side. PTFE coated foil is ideally suited for a variety of applications: covers for heat sealing jaws, bars, pads; covers for work stations and laboratory tables; linings for paint spray booths, ducts and conduits.

Tri-foil PTFE Coated Aluminum Foil


Part Number



Foil Thickness, Inches (mm)

.003 (.076)

.003 (.076)

Coating Thickness, Inches (mm)

.0005 (.013)

.0005 (.013)

Adhesive Type



Adhesion, oz/in (g/cm)


60 (670)

Breaking Strength, lbs./in (kg/cm)

50 (8.9)

50 (8.9)

Elongation, Percentage



Max. Operating Temperature

500° F (260°C)

500° F (260° C)

Color: PTFE Side



Values shown are nominal and should not be used for writing specifications.

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