Polyester Splicing Tape

Polyester splicing tape has exceptionally high tack, resist extreme temperatures and have excellent quick stick and wet-out capabilities. Splicing tapes are typically used for flying, overlap, manual, and butt splice applications. Not only do these tapes allow for a continuous manufacturing process, they also prevent flagging at the beginning of rolls and telescoping of the completed roll.

Polyester Splicing Tape - Andrew Roberts


Polyester splicing tapes feature a conformable silicone adhesive designed for superior bonding to a wide variety of substrates, including papers, films, pressure sensitive labels, decals, and foils. They are available in a variety of constructions to service every application need and can be slit 1/2 inch to 36 inches. M741, M751, and M815 are 1 mil polyester films with medium tack and are the most economical choice for graphic arts applications. M815 is clear for applications requiring transparency. M824 and SP150-3 have higher tack for more demanding applications. M832 and SP2150-3 are 2 mil backed polyester tapes. Both are used in the most demanding applications requiring ultimate adhesion strength and superior tensile strength. SP1250-S is a 2 mil self wound tape that will not lock-up upon itself.  (see table below)

Part Number

Color Backing Adhesive Total Tack Adhesion
M741 Blue 0.001 in. 0.002 in. 3.0 mil Medium 30 oz/in.
M751 Yellow 0.001 in. 0.002 in. 3.0 mil Medium 30
M815 Clear 0.001 in. 0.002 in. 3.0 mil Medium 30
M823 Blue 0.001 in. 0.0018 in. 2.8 mil Medium 30
M824 Dark Blue 0.001 in. 0.0015 in. 2.5 mil High 30
M832 Dark Blue 0.002 in. 0.0015 in. 3.5 mil High 35
M835 Dark Blue 0.005 in. 0.0015 in. 6.5 mil Medium 30
SP150-3 Red 0.001 in. 0.0015 in. 2.5 mil High 30
SP2150-3 Red 0.002 in. 0.0015 in. 3.5 mil High 30
SP2150-SYL Yellow 0.002 in. 0.0015 in. 3.5 mil Medium 30
SP2150-SCL Clear 0.002 in. 0.0015 in. 3.5 mil Medium 30

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