PFA Film

PFA film (Perfluoroalkoxy) offers the highest performance properties of PTFE combined with the transparency and fabrication options of meltable fluoropolymers. As a result, it provides the mechanical, electrical and chemical properties ideally suited for demanding applications in high and low temperature environments.

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PFA Film

PFA maintains useful mechanical strength and flexibility without sacrificing toughness, from -425F to 500F. It withstands prolonged exposure to elevated temperatures without appreciable loss to mechanical properties.

Since PFA retains its low low dialectric constant, high dielectric strength, low dissipation factor and high resistivity across a wide temperature and frequency range, it can be used in printed circuit, flat cable and electrical insulating applications.

It’s non-stick and low friction surface properties make PFA film an effective mold release film for a wide range of chemical and thermal environments.

PFA can be processed by conventional film fabricating techniques such as thermoforming, heat sealing, heat laminating and welding.

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