Metal Detectable PTFE Tape

For years our customers in the food processing industry have asked us if we could supply a metal detectable PTFE-Glass Fabric Adhesive Tape for use on their form-fill-seal machines and other packaging equipment where worn tape can occasionally fall in to a packaged product. It has taken us a few years and many sample constructions but we have finally come up with a tape that will do the job.


Metal Detectable PTFE Tape - Andrew Roberts

Andrew Roberts Inc. is introducing its new Metal Detectable PTFE Tape (MDT).

This product is ideal for food manufacturers who are packaging their products in poly bags or other types of flexible packaging using the heat seal method.

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There is always a chance that a piece of PTFE-glass tape could fall off the heat sealing equipment due to extended use or wear and find its way into the package. Now with the new #254-MDT tape the affected package can be identified by a metal detector before it gets to the end user.



Backing Thickness


Total Thickness

With Adhesive (ins.)

Adhesion to Steel

Oz./in width


Silicone Adhesive

.006” .008” 40

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