Flame Spray Tape

For applications ranging from grit-blasting and plasma spray, to the special demands of high velocity oxygen fuel (HVOF), flame spray tape offers excellent thermal and abrasion resistance while protecting adjacent surfaces from the spray. Flame spray tape will not lift off or fray, and are designed to release easily without leaving adhesive residue.

All thermal flame spray tape comes with a pressure sensitive silicone adhesive that performs well in temperatures as high as 500°F (260°C). Each tape has a unique backing material that exhibits distinct physical and chemical properties to meet specific thermal spray needs. Information on each backing material is listed.

flame spray tape

Silicone Glass 23816, 2975-8R, 2965-8R

These premium tapes are designed to withstand the most demanding plasma and flame spray, and grit-blasting applications. They are constructed of a silicone rubber and glass fabric composite and have excellent abrasion resistance.

Foil Glass 2925-7, 6004 and Foil 26020

These tapes are an excellent choice for combining conformability with thermal and abrasion resistance. Consisting of aluminum foil (26020) or a thin aluminum foil laminated to a glass fabric (2925-7 and 6004), they perform well in a wide range of applications.

2925-11, 2995-11R, 2915-7, 2915-10

A heavy duty version of 2925-7, the 2925-11 tape is constructed with .005 inches of foil for tough applications, including HVOF. 2995-11R is a high adhesion version of 2925-11, which has been used successfully in HVOF applications. An economical choice, 2915-7 is composed of a tightly woven, high tensile glass fabric, with silicone adhesive on one side. 2915-10 is a thicker version of 2915-7 for abrasion resistance.

Glass Fabric 2905-7R, 2905-10R

Versatile and reliable, these tapes perform superbly as a masking tape or, when used together with our premium tapes, as an underwrap. 2905-7R is a glass fabric tape coated with adhesive on both sides for superior bonding. 2905-10R is a thicker version of 2905-7R for greater strength.

Heavy Duty H7525, H7575, H6595

Exceptional abrasion resistance and adhesion properties make these tapes ideal for demanding applications, including HVOF.H7525 and H6595 are multi-layer tapes composed of silicone rubber, aluminum foil and fiberglass coated with an aggressive high temperature silicone adhesive.H7575 is a multi-layer tape composed of silicone rubber and glass cloth coated with an aggressive high temperature silicone adhesive. All Saint Gobain thermal spray tapes have been used in a wide range of grit-blasting and thermal spray applications. (see below)

Part Number Total Thickness in./mm Backing Thickness in./mm Adhesion to Steel  oz/in, gr/cm Continuous Operating Temperature  ;F/;C
23816 0.0120/0.305 0.008/0.203 50/558

-100; to 500;/-73; to 260;

2975-8RY 0.0105/0.267 0.007/0.178 50/558

-100; to 500;/-73; to 260;

2925-7 0.007/0.178 0.0025/0.064 60/671

-100; to 500;/-73; to 260;

6004 0.0080/0.203 0.0075/0.191 60/671

-100; to 500;/-73; to 260;

2925-11 0.0110/0.279 0.0050/0.127 75/837

-100; to 500;/-73; to 260;

26020 0.0080/0.203 0.0045/0.114 95/1060

-100; to 500;/-73; to 260;

2905-7R 0.0070/0.178 0.0065/0.165 40/446

-100; to 500;/-73; to 260;

2905-10R 0.0105/0.267 0.0045/0.114 25/276

-100; to 500;/-73; to 260;

2915-7 0.0070/0.178 0.0055/0.140 40/446

-100; to 500;/-73; to 260;

2915-10 0.0100/0.254 0.0070/0.178 40/446

-100; to 500;/-73; to 260;

2995-11R 0.0110/0.279 0.0200/0.500 45/502

-100; to 500;/-73; to 260;

H6595 0.0220/0.559 0.0150/0.381 50/558

-100; to 500;/-73; to 260;

H7525 0.0175/0.445 0.0175/0.445 50/558

-100; to 500;/-73; to 260;

H7575 0.0210/0.533 0.0070/0.178 50/558

-100; to 500;/-73; to 260;

2965-8R 0.0105/0.267 0.0070/0.178 35/400

-100; to 500;/-73; to 260;

IMPORTANT NOTE TO PURCHASER; Flame spray tape values shown are typical and are not to be used for specifications

All data is subject to change without notice

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