FEP Tape

FEP Tape (fluorinated ethylene propylene) with silicone adhesive is often used for coil & transformer insulation. Due to its transparency, these tapes are useful for “see thru” identification on wire harnesses.

FEP Tape

FEP film tapes are very durable & versatile products. The FEP backing offers excellent high temperature resistance. They also offer the highest electrical strength in volts per mil. FEP backing is chemically inert, thin & conformable. The tape construction is weather resistant, stable & non toxic.

Product Number



Backing Material

Film – FEP

Film – FEP

Adhesive Type Silicone Silicone
Total Thickness (in.) .0035 .0035
Backing Thickness (in.) .002 .002
Adhesive Thickness (in.) .0015 .0015
Adhesion to Steel (oz/in.) 20 20
Tensile Strength (lbs/in.) 8 8
Dielectric Strength (volts) 9000 9000
Dielectric Electrolytic Corr. 1.0 1.0
Elongation (% at break) 275 275
Operating Temperature (ºF) -100 to 400 -100 to 400
Color Clear Clear

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