FEP Film

Several types of clear FEP (fluorinated ethylene propylene) film comply with USFDA legislations for safe use with food. FEP is chemically inert and solvent-resistant to virtually all chemicals, except molten alkali metals, gaseous fluorine, and certain complex halogenated compounds such as chlorine. FEP Film also has low permeability to liquids, gases, moisture, and organic vapors

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Electrical Reliability

Superior reliability and retention of properties over large areas of film

High dielectric strength, over 6500 V/mil for 1 mil film (260 kV/mm for 0.025 mm film)

No electrical tracking, non-wettable, and non-charring

Very low power factor and dielectric constant, only slight change over wide ranges of temperature and frequency


Wide Thermal Range

Continuous service temperature -240 to 205°C (-400 to 400°F)

Melting range 250 to 280°C (500 to 540°F)

Heat sealable


Mechanical Toughness

Superior antistick and low frictional properties

High resistance to impact and tearing

Useful physical properties at cryogenic temperatures


Product Grades

Norton® FEP fluoropolymer film is manufactured from flourinated ethylene propylene (FEP) resin by Saint Gobain Advanced films and Fabrics in four grades.

FEP Type FG utilizes the low dielectric constant and dissipation over a wide range of temperatures and frequencies for a low signal distortion and attenuation in flexible printed circuit and flat cable applications. The high surface and volume resistivity minimizes current leakage and provides excellent insulation in wire and cable applications.

Norton® FEP also provides the chemical and thermal resistance to withstand aggressive environments, making it an excellent candidate for diaphragms, gaskets, protective linings, sample bags, and containers. Fabricated shapes and contours can be produced via heat sealing and thermal forming. The outstanding weatherability and optical properties of FEP film provide excellent performance in environmental growth chambers and solar collectors.

FEP Type FS is a translucent film made from high molecular weight resin for applications where high flex life and stress crack resistant performance is required, such as tank linings and diaphragms.

FEP Type RF is a clear or pigmented film designed for release applications. The non-stick surface, chemical resistance, and 205°C (400°F) usage temperature make FEP Type RF an ideal release film for composite molding over a wide range of resin systems. High elongation and a smooth, low gel film surface allow FEP to conform to complex mold contours and produce a smooth part finish. Perforated film is available to control outgassing and resin bleed. Pigmented films increase visibility to speed removal from parts and mold.

FEP Type WF (mechanical grade) film is an ideal economical solution for applications that don’t require high aesthetic standards, such as hot melt adhesive (welding tape) application. FEP WF film possesses all physical , mechanical, and thermal properties of FEP FG grade, while offering up to 15% savings. (see below)

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